Marlos Urnrayle

Cursed Minotaur, Jasmine Bull


Marlos Urnrayle leads the Crimson Earth Cult. He wields the elemental weapon Ironfang, a Battle Axe infused with the power of Ogremoch.

Marlos began life as a human aristocrat, born into a wealthy Cormyrean family. He squandered his family fortune on endless self-indulgence, seeking more questionable forms of entertainment through the years.

The Urnrayle estate became known as a place of outrageous masquerade balls, bizarre banquets, and grotesque orgies.

Marlos required all of his guests to don ugly or monstrous masks, thus ensuring that no one’s beauty would outshine his own.

As he aged, Marlos turned to magic to preserve his fading beauty. After searching for years, he found a ring that contained the stolen vitality of a lovely fey creature. As long as he wore the ring, his imperfections vanished and no one could resist his physical charms.

Horror struck one day when the ring completely attuned to Marlos and transformed him into the Minotaur he is today. The earth shattering realization that all he cared about was robbed from him, drove Marlos mad. He fled his ancestral home and took his collection of masks with him.

After years of wondering and hiding in one ruined estate or another across the Western Heartlands, Marlos felt drawn to the Slumber Hills by troubling dreams and visions

Marlos Urnrayle

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