Order of Silent Fury

The ancient Order of Silent Fury is a monastic order with uncanny abilities. Begun by a town that had been poisoned inadvertently by eating tainted foodstuffs during the elven kinslayer wars, the entire population lost their ability to see. Soon the town had adapted to the eternal night of their blindness and had honed their other senses. For generations they begun to learn how to focus on the resonating hum within the essence of wood, stone, metal, and even people. As they thrived, wonder began to percolate into the elders of the order.

At this point, two basic styles of monasticism developed: cenobitic (communal) and eremitic (hermit-like). St. Basil the Great is seen in Orthodoxy as a founding monastic legislator, whose rules are still used by Orthodox monks today. St. Benedict, using St. Basil’s rules as a model, wrote his own Rule which became the model for much of Ergothian monasticism.

-Benedictines: also known as black monks (because of their black/dark robes) who are followers of the Rule of St. Benedict. It is a cenobitic orderwho reside behind the walls of the Monestary of Eternal Night

-Cistercians: also known as white monks (because of their undyed robes). They also follow the Rule of St. Benedict, which they attempt to follow in exactness. They emphasize field-work and are famous for their agriculture (they introduced a lot of agricultural technology to Ergoth) and as horse breeders. The only income they accepted was from this field-work (no gifts, no tithes, etc.). It is a cenobitic order.

-Carthusians: also known as masters of the elemental charters. This is the most austere of the orders. They shaved their heads, wore horse hair shirts and took a vow of silence. They lived as hermits, gathered together only for services and ate together only on Sundays. It is an eremitic order. These masters travel the world to derive every drop of knowledge they can from the far corners of the world.

Order of Silent Fury

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